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The primary purpose of this site is to provide on-line text documents from archaeologists and ancient writers, and some tools for Bible study. Everything is provided in an HTML format which has internal reference markers. These internal markers are not visible when simply reading the text, but they allow HTML search tools to index information available here. A simple search program is provided here.

Ancient Historians and Generals:

Assyrian and Babylonian texts

Information about Persia


Bible Study Resources

Text Search Tool

I have written a very primitive Windows 95 text search program which is available for download here. While it will work to a limited degree with any ASCII text, it was designed to work with HTML documents on this site that are internally indexed. The key features of this tool are:

There is a Windows Shareware text editor (EmEditor) which will do a similiar text search process, and it works very well with any ASCII files, which my tool does not.

Another problem with my tool is that I do not have access to a current Microsoft compiler to correct errors or enhance the features. What I would like to do in a few months is to convert the program to work under Linux and release both the Linux and Windows source code to the open source community. If the features prove to be useful, the open source community might be willing to upgrade it or incorporate the search capability to existing text editor programs.

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