History of Media and Persia

Kings of Media

Kings of Persia

History of Media

This history starts about 150 years before the reign of Cyrus, king of Persia. Media had just successfully rebelled from the Assyrian empire, but had no central government.

Deioces (Reigned 53 years - About 709 to 656 B.C.)

Phraortes (Reigned 22 years - About 656 to 634 B.C.)

Cyraxares (Reigned 40 years - About 634 to 594 B.C.)

Astyages (Reigned 35 years - About 594 to 559 B.C.)

History of Persia

Cyrus - (Reigned 29 years - About 559 to 530 B. C.)

Cyrus - Childhood

Cyrus - Rise of the Persians

Cyrus - Events during reign

Defeat of the Lydians (Capital was Sardis, ruled by Croesus)
Defeat of Ionians and Aeolians
Defeat of Babylon
Persians attack the Massagetae
Cyrus, son of Cambyses (ruled 29 years) (Her.Hist.1.214)

Cambyses - (Reigned 7 years, 5 months - About 530 to 523 B. C.)

Cambyses - Events during reign

Cambyses - Madness of

Cambyses - Events leading to his death

Smerdis (the Magus) - (Reigned 8 months - 522 B. C.)

Darius, son of Hystapes - (Reigned xx years- 522 to xxx B. C.)

Darius - Rise to power

Customs of the Medes

Customs of the Persians

Law and government



Burial Customs

Medical practices


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